Torre Products

Flavors, Extracts, Oils and Colors - Made in New York, New York, Since 1917


Torre Products - Since 1917

We manufacture flavors, and sell extracts, oils, and emulsions for the baker and consumer.

Some of our products include:

Oil Almond, Artificial
Oil Anise, U.S.P.
Oil Cinnamon, Artificial
Oil Cloves, U.S.P.
Oil Lemon, U.S.P.
Oil Orange, U.S.P
Orange Blossom Oil, Artificial
Oil Peppermint, U.S.P
Artificial Orange Blossom Water
Artificial Rose Water

The above are available in boxes of 12 x 1/2 oz. bottles, as well as in pints, quarts and gallons.

We havea variety of flavor extracts as well - perfect for baking.

Our La Torinese line of cordial flavors brings you back to Old World Italy.

List of La Torinese flavors:

We also have a variety of vanilla and rum flavors, in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties.

Our Torro Color Concentrates are highly concentrated liquid colors and can be combined to create any color you need.

Our line of Torro Ice flavors (over 31 flavors!), and ice supplies is everything you need to be ready for the summer.

Complete line of gourmet flavored sugars coming soon!

We also sell cinnamon, pure vanilla exctact, and baking supplies.

Contact us at (212) 925 8989 or email Peter Raho for more information.

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